Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Twist

So today Dad went to see infect.disease doc also named Dr. Collins, just to add to confusion.  He is on 2 heavy duty antibio. to kill the damn MRSA infection that is preventing him from getting his chemo.  He will get his PICC line in on Tues & has a appt. on Thur for his first chemo treatment.
I have been wanting to cheer dad up.  He was just diagnosed with clinical depression & will also be starting Paxil...hope it works.  He doesntcare about anything, not eating not showering not taking care of himself.  He is giving up.  Its so sad. 
Soooo me being the overachiever only child I made it my duty to make my dad smile.  Yesterday nite I bought him some soft serve vanilla ice cream from Carvel & we chatted about his oldies music which he LOVES.  A lightbulb went off in my head & I got a piece of paper & started having dad list all his fave singers. 
I got home & put the plan in action to make him the best damn CDever.  With Ts help, LOL.  Well we spent all AM today making it, listening to great music & singing.  T even grabbed me up & we danced!!  It was so nice to smile & relax.  Kiddos were in & out, they didnt get oldies music, LOL.
Off I went to the dermo. appt. I had to get a full skin check (which I am glad I did, had 2 precancer lesions removed  & being biopsied & a very annoying skin tag removed)  anyways, brought the CD to Dad & told him he had over 5 hours of music to dance to!!!
First song is Beach Boys song...tears.  My Dad cries alot lately, esp. when things remind him of his past.  Its good tears I think, and he sang along.  I was happy.  Then his nurse came & Dad chatted her up, on came the song The Twist.  I joked how great my Dad used to do it. My Daddy who has a huge baseball sized tumor in his neck, MRSA & depression, got up off his couch & did THE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!  He smiled, I smiled & I thought to mysef 'I will NEVER forget this day'.  The power of music is awesome, the power of Chuck Berry is even awesomer.

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