Tuesday, January 4, 2011

God listened...

To all our prayers & Dad got his port put in this afternoon at hospital on the first try.  No need for dye in his jugular or ultrasound guidance...we had a great doc who knew what he was doing & it was put in.  This means that Dad can now begin chemo on Thur. & start his battle.  My parents both think chemo is going to "cure" Dad...I keep stressed to mom how rough it might be, even worse than it is now.  Both are in complete denial...sigh.  Its frustrating.  I did pray with Dad at his bedside & felt very comforted in doing so.  Thank GOD for God, LOL.

Side note...after being in the hospital for 3 hours I decided to stop at PUblix & buy myself a 10 pack of Twix...I ate them all.  (sigh).  Tomorrow thus begins Detox...I swear.

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