Sunday, January 9, 2011

NOPE to the diet..

I cant do the detox diet now that I am on all these psych meds.  It messes WAYYY to much with my entire body & well as my psyche.  I found myself getting more & more anxious as Friday went on...I ended up sending poor T out to the pharmacy to get me some Ativan as I was on the verge of a panic attack.  I just cant do it!  That detox kit cost me 300 bucks!!!!!!!  Now I dont know what to do...I doubt the doc. will take it back, mom doesnt want it...well perhaps down the road I will be able to use it..THINKING POSITIVE.
Dad is doing ok, no major side effects from chemo..he is just worn out, totally.  Poor guy..but he is a trooper! 
Kids were awesome this weekend, I am feeling closer & closer to them. Especially B, lately she has been confiding in me alot more & we have been laughing alot more too.  I love to see her turning into a young woman.  Scary, but good!!!
Went to church last nite & cried during the singing..FINALLY.  I was just touched by the song & the message, I havent cried in church in a while, it felt so good.  I am looking forward to getting more involved in the church & finally making some FRIENDS.  I miss girlfriends, I really do.

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