Monday, January 3, 2011

moooore meds...geesh

so today i visited my lovely shrink.  only had to wait 1 hour today, usually its about a 90 min. wait.  Yeah, its bad. 
I am feeling alot better being on the mood stablizer Triliptal, not so up & down like I was for a while there.  Keeping that dose the same.  Staying on the lexapro, eliminating the doxepin as it gave me CRAAAAZY dreams, night sweats & yes..more weight gain.  So as of tonite I will be off all anti deprr. that make you gain weight..YAY.
My med lists looks like this:
.1 Elmiron (for my IC)
20 mg Lexapro
300 MG Triliptal
1 Allegra allergy pill (dont think it helps allergies AT ALL)
1 Elmiron
300 MG Triliptal
30 MG Cymbalta
1 Vistaril (antihist. to help me sleep)
And I take .25-.50 mg of Ativan daily to keep me chilled out. 
Plus thruout the day if I am having pain I will have MOtrin, Tylenol 3 or half a percocet...depends on my pain level with the IC.

I am going to participate in another IC study thru Harvard Med. on the study of IC genes.  All I need to do is give them some spit & pee so they can get all my DNA & analyze it.  Then they will study it to see if my genes are whacked out causing the IC.  I pray that being in these studie help!!  This is the 3rd one I am participating in since diagnosed, makes me feel useful. 

REally thinking that I am  just going to stay at TOnys from now on & just flit back to my place when something is needed.  Of course eventually that house needs to get rentd out. Tony has a much bigger place 5bed 4 bath is pretty sweet::-)

Praying i begin to drop some weight now.  I am not on anything that really loads the weight on like Elavil & Doxepin did.  Its all on me.  I am VERY interested in going to some OA meetins ASAP.  First concern is Dad..I take him tomorrow afternoon to get his PICC line in & then chemo on Thur.  I know he is nervous.  I just pray it all goes right & the chemo gives him some relief OR that God just takes him away from this pain.

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